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Engine Stand


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I wish someone has an idea for this. Something cheap and easy. I have an engine on the shop floor also a steel table. Would like to turn the engine upside down pull the pan clean out and plastigauge the rods and mains. I have a stand but a 460 ford engine was all it could handle.



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I worked trucks for 39 years and have used a real engine stand.Its nice but a steel table and about three wood blocks is all you need.You do not need to turn the engine no more than on its side to check brg or install a crank.When you do a overhaul out of the frame you can start with the heads off and then turn it on its down side up and then lay on side after crank is laided then piston and liners ending up up right with heads and acc last.

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glenn akers

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if the bell housing is deep enough drop the clutch off and stand it on end this will allow all brg. work also pistons and liner removal and install reinstall pan then lay it down support the bell hsg. and front block corners ( don't expect the pan to hold it) then install heads and other items

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