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axle ratings


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Call your local Mack dealers parts dept with the model, year and Vin, they'll be able to tell you. If they can't help the Mack museum is the only other one I could think of to call.

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On the pass. side of the gear housing there is a sloping flat area. It slopes toward the front of the truck. On that square flat pad will be the ratio in the upper right corner. Will probably have to do some gentle scrapping or wire brush work if there is paint or grease.

The axle housing info will be on the back side below where the gears bolt in about in the center. It will start with SW followed by some numbers. The SW number then can be checked to get the weight.

For example SWD 68 is 50,000 camelback on bronze.

SWW 76W is 38,000 walking beam on rubber.

SWS571C is 44,000 camelback on bronze.


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