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2015 Granite Speed question!

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I just got mine about a month and a half ago. Went from 06 Volvo 460 13 speed to 2015 gu713 445 with allison. Absolutely love it. I went to Allison dealer and had them reprogram downshifting from 6-4 to 6-6, in other words it would go right from 6th to 4th on engine brake (almost put you through the windshield), now it stays in every gear down to about 1100 rpm unless I downshift manually then it is about 300 rpm sooner. Also under load it downshifts by rpm and throttle position in other words if you are pulling a hill with your foot to the floor it will downshift sooner than if you are running at say 75%, very helpful if you are just about to the top ease up on throttle and let current gear take it up and over. Fuel milage went from 5.3 in Volvo to 5.0 in mack. Run app. 360 miles daily def consumption is 2 to 2.5 gallons daily. Seems to do a passive regen about every 2500. No active regents at 7800 miles.

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5.0! Whew ease up on the skinny pedal, a friend here has 4 new granites,3 mp8, 2 Allison 1 8LL, all get over 6mpg.the best is 6.8 with an mp8 455 Allison and 4.19 rears on 11R24.5's. He has found that your foot has is a huge factor in tire wear and mpg with the Allison trucks.

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