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wheel cylinders and master cylinder

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hello everyone i am in the process of trying to restore a 1961 Mack C model fire engine and the rear wheel cylinders decided to go on it when i stepped on the brakes one day and come to find out that they are almost impossible to find i have the original manual for the engine and all the part numbers to go with it, i will list them below with repairing the rear wheel cylinders i am also on the lookout for the master cylinder for the engine also i will list both part numbers below if anyone has any idea on where to find either new, good used, or even rebuild kits for both objects that would be great i really appreciate your time in reading this

thank you


part numbers

brake shoe cylinder: 48sma31

master cylinder: 2qea4253

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I agree with FWD. The other option is getting them rebuilt. I send mine to White Post Restoration. They sleeve them and rebuild them. It is more expensive than new if you can find them but they have a life time guarantee. I don't know whose life time but hopefully not the former owner because he died a few years ago.

White Post Restoration.

One Old Car Drive

PO Drawer D

White Post, VA 22663


You can download the form off their web site and mail them to them.


I wouldn't use the postal service because they lost the wheel cylinders and master cylinder off my 405A. I had them insured for $800 but it took me a long time to find replacements to have rebuilt.


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