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B61 Tachometer


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I saw a couple on eBay a while back. But, you never know what you are going to get there.

I bought mine from Stewart-Warner. Now, it does NOT have the bulldog head on it. And, it does not match the speedometer perfectly. BUT, it DOES match perfectly with the other gauges in the panel. That is probably because lots of those gauges were S-W units themselves. Incidentally, there is a S-W speedometer which matches the tachometer I bought. So, ALL the gauges could be made to match!

Check out S-W numbers 82620 & 82622.

Incidentally, you probably need a 0.5:1 ratio on your tach, meaning that the drive cable turns 1/2 the engine speed. At least that's what my R took...and it probably came with the same tach.

Ordered mine through FinditParts.

There is also the PAI version available for a few dollars less (FTA-0550?).

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