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mack hub nightmare help


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hi, I have a tandem mack truck with 6 spoke 10" Dayton hubs and 22.5s. we had a wheel bearing go and it ruined the diff housing. we replaced the lead differential with one out of a another mack from the wreckers. the truck is about a 1981. this truck has mack stamped toploader diffs. anyways. the diff we used for replacement had 5 spoke 11" hubs for 24.5s. I tried using my 10" hubs from my original mack diff and this is not possible due to the spindle of the replacement diff being different diameter. I talked to the multiple bearing suppliers and they cant supply bearing for this conversion. anyone dealt with this before? I cant remember the pound rating, but these diffs look identical. just spindle diameter is different. one uses 10" hubs and the other 11". also different axles. only difference being on the hub end. what I am looking for is 10" hubs to fit the heavier differential.

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Gudday with out knowing what size ass end you have but I do no that 44000 lbs and 58000 lbs look the same almost from the out side but the bearings and seals are a lot bigger in the 58's the brakes I think are the same size though but I could be wrong I guess the first thing you need to do is find out what size axle's you had and what size you are trying to change to


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post pictures of the the two different hubs and axles and then people will know what you have and will be able to help you. i guess that you are describing the hubs by their radius i have always heard them described by their diameter. I.e., you have 22s and would like 20s.

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