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AC oil gauge


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I need an oil gauge for my AC fire truck. The one I have was broken, repaired, broken again and duct taped back together. It was leaking pretty bad when I got the truck. There is no dip stick so it is hard to determine where the oil level is. Thanks. Mike


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Mike I feel your pain, My "BB" has a similar problem. My gauge has missing parts( cap, rod, float ) I found a company that makes something similar. The company is in Michigan called Essex Brass. Their website is www.brassaircocks.com They are similar in size and design, but are not as tall, so it will make reading the level a little hard. They are called "liquid level oil gauges" I pulled my oil pan off my 4 cylinder engine and completely cleaned it out. It was full of sludge really bad. I also pulled my oil "filtrator" off and completely cleaned it. Im surprised it even worked. It was totally filled up with sludge!

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