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What Is It?


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Can anyone tell me exactly what this is and what it does?



Its got 2 air lines going to it. One Tees off the line going to the right rear brake chamber right after the quick release valve and the other line goes to the air tank. The part number on it is Wagner AE-21882. This is on my '65 B-61. My B-70 does not have one. Thanks.

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I got one of those too...only it's only got one line to it, as the other has been disconnected/removed(on bottom). Doesn't leak, never knew what it was for either.

Got to be some kind of valve/regulator? Diaphram on bottom, likely a spring under the large nut on top? Controls something?



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Ahhhh this same topic was bought up a while back. It turns out its a moisture separator used in the days before desiccant air dryers. There should be a third port that spits the water out.
That makes sense with it conected to the service brake that way when you hit the brakes it will spit. glenn

glenn akers

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I remember someone asking before, but never remembered the answer.

Maybe I should hook mine up? Not that I ever worry about cold weather or moisture in the lines. Curious if it works?

dgiomack was the one who originally asked.


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