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13 speed problem

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Nope. Will need to pull the Trans.

There is also an updated shaft that needs to be changed with that snap ring. It's the weakest part of the Mack T200/300 series of Trannies.

Don't put to much blame on the driver. The worst thing most of us do is pre select the range shift and make the shift under torque load while progressively shifting for fuel economy. We are suppose to pre select but wind that gear out so its not pulled out of low range to high under torque load.

I made the mistake of putting one of my Mack's with a T200 trans into heavy regional use. With the updated shaft and ring it does a lot better. The shaft is another $400 on top of the labor to pull it out and pull the rear housing off. It's the last Mack in daily use I have with a Mack Trans for that reason. Its to expensive and unreliable for the heavy regional use. No issues with my Fullers with over 1 million kms.

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