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Turbo screaming

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I have a cxn 613. let me start by saying that 2 exhaust manifold studs were broken and replaced. upon reassembly now the turbo screams really really loud the actuator upon building air pressure is stuck all the way down. unplug the actuator and the turbo wont spool. the turbo was replaced not long ago at the local dealer. ive checked for loose hoses and tightness of all clamps. did the control box that controls actuator go bad sitting or did the actuator go bad ? im lost and dont want to throw parts at a problem to fix it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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So does the truck run good? does it show any codes? do you have a boost guage and what are you getting under a load? if I remember right any issues with the actuator will pop a code in the ecm and youll get a check engine light, also if the turbo was having issues you wouldnt make much power.

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I run a mack dealer and let me tell u some inside info. These engines are so bad for this and hardware has been updated a few times. This makes tje squeal but sometimes after the turbo mount leaks and does it. If done at dealer one year warranty. Proper mack proceedure is to check straightness between the heads and check for smoothness of heads. They may tell u the heads need to come off to fixed right and keep warranty. This does help but i find they still come back in a year or so. Heavy haul trucks always have problems leaking. Personally i wouldnt take heads off for this and would just reuse hardware. Replace gasketa every so often. Also mack procedure is to replace all the high pressure lines but this is eight hundred bucks. If lines are new style there is no need. Long story on that one.

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