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Gas Milage And Gas Prices...

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Prices are crazy and for no reason!!!

I have hard others say a B model gets about 10 MPG bob tailing

I get about 8 MPG bob tailing the RS700/285hp maxidyne.

I filled up my driver side 120 gallon tank when I went to auburn. Prices were $2.07 a gal in IN at the time

110gal at 2.07= 227 good for about 770 miles..I made it back from auburn,walcott,and a few local shows and just put 20 gal @ $2.75 in this weekend. my pass 120 gal tank is shut off

my companys IH with a 550HP cat gets 5.42MPG hauling 65K gross

I just filled up the company truck with 240 gallons @ $2.83 = $680

I can hold 300 gal on the truck and 35 in the gen box on the trailer...so if my truck /trailer ws dry it would cost $948 to fill up.

300 gallons is good for around 1600 miles

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OUCH!!!  Them gassers were killers!!!!

My B gets around 9-10 bobtailing and 8 or so with trailer.  That is very liveable for me....especially for a 45 yr old truck.

Just done a big trip in my B61, which I have just got (historically) registered and I'm happy.

It gave me approx 7.7 mpg (US) or 9.3 mpg (imp) or 30 litres/100km.

All this bobtailing, Duplex and 20inch tyres. Max speed 36mph (60kph). Smokin'



Forgot to mention diffs are 9.02 <_<

Proud owner of;

1961 Mack B61 prime mover.

1981 International ACCO 1810C DualCab Fire Truck

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Before I got my auxilry tranny working my A ran 1/4 mile on 1/2 a gallon fed from a lawn mower tank straped to the mirror on the passenger side of the truck :blink: Got to remember though she was stuck in high range and running in 3rd at about 15mph so she was pulling pretty hard. Now that the tranny shifts right she dose a lot better. I also got the 50 gallon tank cleaned out and hooked up an electric fuel pump so now all I have to do is turn the key and go, no more 1/2 gallon tank on the mirror for me :D:P

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