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NYS weight regs to take effect 1-1-15


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This is an e-mail I got from the dot regarding the new weight regs that will take effect next year in New York,any one with a ten wheel or triaxle should check this out,there has been a lot of confussion about it that why looked into it,whats kinda of interesting is the part about the weight distrabution for trucks that are 2005 and older,acording to this one could use a light weight drop axle if you have a truck with heavy rears and run till 2020 at a max gross weight of 79000 lbs witch would work for me and a lot of trucks that cant fit a 20000 lb drop axle,any way here's the deal..I asked him to use a 16000 lb drop axle as an example because thats what im thinking i could but under my dump truck..

Unfortunately the implementation of the new requirements is a bit confusing but I will try to clarify.

1. As of January 1, 2015 no more “New” three axle type 2 permits will be issued.

a. What this means is you cannot replace a current three axle with another three axle OR use banked weight to start a “New” type 2 on a three axle vehicle.

b. Three axles are total count, starting with the steering axle as #1.

2. Vehicles that are currently permitted under a type 2, including 3 and 4 axle vehicles can renew their permit for the 2014 – 2015 permit year. That vehicle can operate “as is”, under that permit until it expires in 2015. Upon renewal in 2015 it must meet the new requirements that took effect as of January 1, 2015.

3. As of January 1, 2015 for “New” permits OR upon the permit Renewal in 2015, all Type 2 vehicles must now have at least 4 total axles.

a. If a lift axle has to be added, the lift axle must meet the steerable requirement.

b. The air pressure control valve must be located outside the cab. The up/down switch can be located inside the cab.

4. There is NO requirement on the axle rating. There is one last requirement that is in law that kicks in as of January 1, 2020 and that is the 80% rule. This is to obtain equal distribution among axles within a group. This is where if you decide to use a light axle, it will affect your permitted gross weight.


As of 2020, you have a 16,000 pound rated axle, at that time the 80% rule will now have to be applied.

16,000 x 1.25 (multiplier used to determine 80% distribution) = 20,000. What this means is that the other two axles in that group cannot be rated in our system for more than 20,000 pounds each.

Grouping before 80% rule = 16,000 + 29,000 + 29,000 = 74,000 lb. total group rating

After 80% rule applied = 16,000 +20,000 +20,000 = 56,000 lb total group rating

Maximum we are allowed to permit a Tridem group for is 64,000 lbs. How much of the 64,000 lb max you get permitted for is based upon the sum of the axle ratings within that group.

5. Keep in mind the 80% rule does NOT apply to model year vehicles 2005 and older until January 1, 2020. It does currently apply to vehicles 2006 and newer OR all vehicles that apply for a type 9 (7 axles minimum required) permit regardless of model year.

6. Options for three axle type 2 vehicles

a. Retrofit to meet the January 1, 2015 requirements.

b. Bank the type 2 weight and re-permit the truck as a ten wheeler under a statewide type 1 permit. Type 1 vehicles are held to max weight based upon their wheelbase and in most cases are held to a maximum gross weight of 66,000 due to the sum of the axle ratings. However, this still allows older trucks to operate at higher than legal registered weights.

c. Bank the type 2 weight and operate the truck at legal registered weight. For most trucks, this would mean mid 40,000lbs.

7. Overall wheelbase is measured from the center of the steering axle to the center of the last axle on the vehicle.

Feel free to give me a call with any questions.


William J. Morris

NYSDOT OS/OW Permit Office

DL Unit Supervisor / Project Manager

(P) 518-457-0350

(F) 518-457-1036


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Also forgot to add you need 17' of wheel base witch is measured from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear most axle,I asked him specifctly how to measure the wheel base for these permits.

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What exactly is the objective of all of this stuff? Are we improving safety, easing the loading on the pavement or are we simply forcing the reduction of revenue for every guy trying to earn a buck with a truck? Seriously, what is the point "we" think we are working toward? It seams like we would have come to a suitable combination of road design, truck design (tires, brakes etc.) and weights so that we could do something crazy like pick a standard and live with it...


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When they forced us to bring 12,000 up to the front axle all the black top started to groove, sometimes on the NJTP you had to fight to get your truck outta the lane! All there base mix had to be redesigned for the single tire weight! Buy they know better now don't they????


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NY has always had spome screwy weight rules, other than MI I dont know anywhere else that let you run so heavy on your axles, TN,AL,KY,AR,MO,MS max per axle is 20k, ga is 25k I believe, ll have to have sufficient tire rating to hold the weight and the max on secondary roads hovers froim 68000-80000 for a triaxle(4 axles) and on the interstate goes by fed bridge law so most 16' body trucks were stuck in the mid 50k area. hell on secondary roads the most TN would ever give you is 66k on a tandem (3 axles) 74k on a triaxle (4 axles) 80k on a quad (5 axles). In TN you can get an annual permit for 120k for $500 but it is still 20k per axle max so nobody uses them for anything but heavy haul work, get you 120k on 5 axles if you have all 20k min axles. Just get one set weight per axle and one set weight per truck and bam, no confusion. Of course there wouldnt be any more overweight permit money coming in to the state either.

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