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single axle vs. tandem tractor

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Im in residential excavating in North East Pa, i currently move my equipment with a 20 ton tag trailer behind my tandem dump but I'd like to get a lowboy and tractor for the excavator. What I'm trying to figure out is with a 35 ton detachable drop deck (i'm guessing it would weigh around 8 tons) and a 18 ton excavator how much weigh will be on the rear axle. With my tag along trailer depending on where the machine is it determines how much weight is on the truck. I've never pulled a lowboy across a scale to see how the weight is distributed is it just half on the truck and half on the trailer? I know where the fifth wheel is plays a part but do you think i could get away with a single axle and be legal or will it have to be a tandem.

I've asked a few people around home and didn't really get an answer so I figured there's a lot of people on here who know a lot more about trucks than i do

thanks for your help


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You will have to figure your length from front axle to rear axle and look at federal hiway chart . Here in Conn the weight goes on a tag along you pay hi reg fees any goose neck trailers its on the towing unit reg . I sold a M S 200 water tank to a construction company they filled it with water and loaded on a tag along well lets put it this way the trailer pick up the triaxle and went for ride for 700 feet before it stop no damage but a lot sh%t and sweat.


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my tandem tractor weighs almost 20k, now I pull a older 35 ton rogers detachable with it with my pc160 exc on it and i scale out around 75-78 depending on what buckets are on the trailer and how much mud is in the tracks. I don't think you would be legal on the rear of the truck.


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