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Rear suspension?

Randy mckinney

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Bronze or rubber trunnion bushings? If it's bronze most likely the rubber insulator pads between the springs and the axle housings need replaced. See if you can stick your finger through the hole in the spring cap and if you can wiggle the top pad most likely the bottom one is collapsed. They do walk a little side to side when turning but 4'' is a little excessive. When they get really bad you can feel the ass end of the truck swap sides when you hit the accelerator/brake.


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it sounds like it has Hendrickson pad or spring over walking beam that would explain the tube moving between the trunions. If it has this check where the diffs. move between the cross members if wore badly the diff. side covers will hit the cross members. to check back truck into a turn while loaded and then check for proper clearance. the good news is its easer to re bush than a camel back.

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