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I got an idear!


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I got an idear here folks, well my buddy Justin came up with the beginning and I came up with a way to elaborate and I think we can have fun with it, I will be starting threads called......Mack Motor Monday, Tore Up Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Thirty year old Thursday, Fleet Friday, Super Trucker Saturday and Sleepy Sunday. So heres the catch if we all play by some simple rules I think itll be pretty sweet, once it is the day in question, so for tomorrow well say at 12:01 Wed morning anyone can post pics of something Wicked in the Wicked Wednesday thread, after 12:00 Wed night, no more posting pics to the thread. We can all comment on any thread at any time any day but if we only post pics on the day of it will be interesting to see what gets posted. Then everybody can search for something for the next week(gives lots of time for google to find something good) but remember only post pics on the day of the thread and then well see how much digging thru old picsa or the internet we can really do! Ok so im in, everybody think they can live with that and have some fun? Ill go ahead and open each thread the day before until they are all open and then after that we just keep em alive! Ryan B.

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