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I had started working at a loal sign shop 6 years ago when i was 10 and one day while cleaning up i saw a pic of a red b model and this truck was gorgeous. It was a 1959 b61 and it was mint inside and out. Obviously i had to ask what the story was behind the truck. He said that it belonged to an old rigging company in ny and they sold it to him for 10,000. So i asked were it was now and the response i got was "oh that old piece of s%^t, its in a tow yard dying in queens". so aout two months later he took me down to see it and i and i almost dyed i mean it was that bad. the paint had fadedand cracked the tanks were left opened and filled with waterand some idiot had left the doors open for the rain o get in and eat at the floors. So i asked if i could buy it and he said i could have it when i was older and could store it some where. So six months ago the truck had to go cause they were clearing the yard out. so there was my chance and i took it. I found a guy who could store it for me and tow it there. So for the last six months i have been on a horrible scavenger hunt for inexpensive parts to fit my truck. and it has left me like 500 miles away and almost broke. I do believe the hardest things to find were the front fender which got smashed at the old yard a good hood to replace the rotted warped one on the truck and i had to travel from long island to pittsburg to get them from a guy on the site here. So anyways my goal is to have the truck running and street legal in order to make it to the macungie show and barrys show in sept. damn i just realized that barrys show and the diesel nationals areoin the same day. oh well there will be more nationals to attend.

wish i had some pics for you guys guess some will see me at macungie or at barrys show later on this year

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Congratulations, mate, on saving the old B. Really great to see someone so young (well, half my age, LOL) getting into old Macks. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself and learning a lot. She's obviously a patient truck so don't blow all your $ at once!

Whatever rubs your buddah.

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