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  1. been a while since I was one here figured I would bring this up to the top again and see if any body has come across my truck in the last few years. figure its worth a shot. you never know who ran across what now a days
  2. holy crap I cant believe there were so many replies and I never saw them. guys thank you so much I have been looking at some pics lately of my b and wished I was able to drive it once even if I had only gone in a circle in the yard once it would have been totally worth it. has any one seen or heard of my truck in the last year or so. it was scrapped at suscuahana (doubt I spelled it right) in Lindenhurst I think. the guy I talked to said he only bought the rear of the truck because he thought he could sell the bed and rob from Chester's sold the truck cut behind the cab to someone (supposedly
  3. i know. i should have done this right away. wish you had said something. i am hoping that since it has beena while maybe some of the big macks guys upstate like all macks or oldmacks have seen it or been offered it or something. would like to just put the strings together and find the rest of it. as for the brockway i think he saved like 5 small pieces he wanted for his restored truck and then let the firedepartment jaws of life it and then burn it to the ground. idiots.
  4. the truck was being stored for free as he was a friend of mine. i used to go to the yard alot but it is about 2 miles from his shop and just never had a chance to go there and show my face. its my fault i should have been more diligent about it but you learn the hard way some time. the scrap yard guy who had the bed said it was offered to him a few times but he really didnt need any parts off it. he said the lot owner sold the front of the truck to a friend in upstate ny but he says he didnt and my ex boss says "i would never do that" god i hate being lied to on all parts. worst part is he got
  5. about 6 months ago i get a disturbing feeling and want to go check my truck out at the storage yard. i hadnt been there in a while because of school so i felt it was urgent. when i arrived it was gone. the owner said that he lost my number so he called the p.o. a former boss of mine who i had a falling out with. and he said " i dont know where he is, since it was my truck and he isnt working on it just junk it." i had had the truck for about 3 years and had a lot of time invested in it and just about had it running. the truck was cut in half and from the cab back went to the scrap yard where i
  6. wats up thad. long time no see. nope man i was thinking about ti and its really been like 3 years since i have done anything to it. damn i have been busy. but now they r trying to empty the place and make it a firemans training facility. the brock left a year ago along with most other things. soon my mack will have to go to, so heres were i am. stuck. i need to sit there and lube the hell out of the fuel rack to get everything flowing properly and start from there. maybe sunday the 26th i want to spend the day up there and try to start it again. in the mood to try again. always could use the h
  7. anybody? does anyone have an exploded view from an old manual. i cant seem to find mine
  8. well i guess my rack is stuck then cause my stop cable was always kinda stuck. there was a lever the cable was hooked to at the back of the injector block and that barely moved. i was able to move it in and out with some persuasion but it wasnt easy. does any one have some pics they can post of were to lube in order to fix the problem.
  9. i tried gravity feed. i filled my fuel filter bowl and fuel was reaching the front of the injector block but mothing was pumping out. my shut off lever was pretty stuck i think i need to lube up all of the injector lifters and wat not. i only started it on eithe once to make sure it would run and it did, sounded nie too. but getting fuel into it was my problem, whih is why i wanted to put a pump on it. i have heard from a lot of people that it needs to be pressue fed, but u guys say gravity will work? i m confused
  10. its been 4 years,man time flies since i have tried to start my b model. ok well lets see what we got. the electrical is shot but i am able to jmp the seres paralel and spin the motor i started it on either just to hear it and it sounded alright, but i have no fuel. tanks and origional priming pump are shot so thats out of the question. i need some ideas on how to prime the system to get fuel into the fuel injector block. wat could i use as a priming pump??????. i have a hose guy that will make me anyfitting for the tank and pump i choose, but i need to choose a pump and soon. i need to get it
  11. hey just another one of my tries at getting another truck. i found this guy in newville pa who has this 1946 or 48 mack.it looks like an l model. long wheel base and thats about its got nothing on the back. i wont buy this truck if i cant get it home truck needs a 200 mile haul from newville pa 17241 to long island. i kind of need toknow soon cause he has another guy who is about to jump on it if i dont. the guy only wants like 300 for it so i think tht is fair. no papers or anything and it has the gas motor in it so what the hell 300 buck is nothing for a truck.
  12. now were getting somewere. what should be spinning the springs or what???????????
  13. i get it i am gonna give it anothe rtry next week and will let all of you know were i get. i hope i get it running
  14. thanks hk i guess that is kinda far but if the lever under the governor cap moves all the way forwrd then shouldnt the rack move to. i mean if the rack was stuck then theoretically the lever shouldnt move at all right???
  15. to all out there my number 1 plunger is stuck and my stop fuel lever is stiff if the stop fuel lever is the lever under the governor cap then i am right and i did have it in the right position but how can only one plunger keep fuel out of the other five injectors.
  16. 1. i opened the governor cover and there was a lever in there that went back and forth is that the fuel shut off. 2. if i move it and it moves t the fuel position then why wouldnt the fuel be getting to the other 5 cylinders
  17. is there any way to get the plunger down without removing the rack. and still do u know how to remove the injectors. Also another question while it was running on starter fluid i couldnt rev up the motor any thought why it just idled
  18. see i read all of this before. i took the governor cover off and the lever for the rack was stiff. i got it to move in and out good enough to get it to the fuel position. i then cranked the motor with the number three injector opened and nothing came out. i dont think that one stuck plunger would keep the entire motor from getting fuel so theres were my next hunt starts. i want to remove the six injectors and clean them and the injector block in hopes that the only problem was excess build up . so with that how do u remove the injectors. do they un screw with a wrench or is there another way.
  19. thanks thad i got some good advice from your post but here is the next question. i was at the truck today and still couldnt figure why it wasnt getting fuel. when i opened the governor cover it seemed like the run stop cable hooked on to a lever in there. i moved the lever as far forward as it was set to go, but still wasnt able to gat fuel out of the injectors. i did notice that the number 1 injector is stuck in the up position. how do i get it down. how do u remove the injectors. how do you get this truck to run. i am going crazy i have been at this truck for like a year and havent gotten ve
  20. just looking right now but can anyone help to move a tractor from seven valleys pa to long island. its only like 225 miles but that may be too many for me. thanks andrew
  21. just wanted to know if the end673 is a sleeved motor
  22. hey hwfd just out of curiosity how much would u sell it for if it hasnt gone through yet thanks bigrig
  23. ok who can help. I have a 1971 gmc (c-50)? and i need a master cylinder for it. manual brakes 350 5.7 liter. I need one soon cause the truck has my 45' crane on it and needs to be back on the road. Any idea on where i can get one. please i have tried all the locals and thats no luck thanks
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