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#3 EUP


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My 2000 Vision 460 showed a lightning bolt and when checking the code (8-3) it shows a #3 EUP. Local Mack dealer is swamped and can't get in right away. What does this normally mean? Is the EUP bad? Could it be something else connected with the EUP? I am mechanically inclined but far from a mechanic. Can I change this myself meaning is it simply unbold the old and bolt on the new? Thanks in advance for the help.



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Could be a wiring problem

If the EUP is bad, you can change yourself. Make sure to get new bolts

May have to bar engine over a little as the cam? shaft may be holding it up

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The EUP is probably bad. Unbolt and move the heat shield out of the way. Remove the injector line and eup wires from the terminals. Remove 1 eup mounting bolt and loosen the other, leave about a 1/4 of the threads still in. Eups stick, so when you knock it loose it will pop and the bolt will keep if from shooting out. Clean the hole. Replace the EUP, 2 mounting bolts and the injector line. DONOT OVER TIGHTEN THE EUP WIRE TERMINALS, THEY WILL BREAK! Reinstall all parts and prime fuel system. Its a straight forward simple job.

The cal code will need programmed which the dealer can do. You can write the number down and drive the truck to them. The cal code is a 4 digit number located on the lower right side of the EUP-this is looking at it while installed.

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before you throw money at replacing the #3 EUP ,, i would swap holes. like swap number 3 EUP with #4 EUP and see if your code moves to the hole number #4. this will confirm it is not a wiring issue instead of EUP...

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