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1977-era Mack questions

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Mack engines available in '77 would be the following:

ENDT675 (237 Maxidyne)

ENDT673C (250 Thermodyne)

ENDT676 (300 Maxidyne)

ETAZ673A (300 +)

ENDT865 (325 V8 Maxidyne)

ENDT866 (375 V8 Thermodyne)

You could also get just about any Cummins,Detroit or Cat engine of the time also


I probably should have specified: what Mack parts were offered back then? What about transmissions? Did Mack build an air suspension back then? What else did they have besides the camelback?

Also, was the ENDT the same engine as an E6? Would you know the torque ratings? So far I've been consulting this:


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