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Lowboy Tires

Deere Mack

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Hello everyone! I found a good buy on some used Michelin 255/80/R22.5 XRV tires with 85% or better tread life. My question is, they are X"RV" so would they be safe to run on a 35 ton lowboy? I only do short local hauls. I've tried researching just to get even more confused about commercial tires. Your help is appreciated!

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they were designed for RVs but I would think it would be ok unless you exceed the tire weight rating. They probably have more flex to improve ride.

Here is the chart not sure why you could not find it, http://www.michelinrvtires.com/michelinrv/tires-retreads/tireInfo.do?tread=XRV

Search down the chart and find your tire

You can also look at the side wall of the tire for Max Load & Pressure on Sidewall and it will tell you weight rating for single and dual applications


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Go with the Xze2 Or move to the 275/70 R 22.5 and go with the XZA2 Energy's As long as you keep air in them they wear like iron and got a good load rating. also 18 ply. I can't get some of the guys I run with to under stand why I do not go with the smaller tires. I loose about a 1000 pounds per tire

Thanks for the replys! After the brain storm here, I'm not sure they'll work, on the legal side anyway. As dual tire's they are rated at 4805 LBS each and that puts me at 38,400 (19.22 TON) with 8 of them for a 35 TON lowboy. My dozer alone weighs that. Humm

hell either add another axle or load it farther forward. Go scale it only time will tell if your over tire weight

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Your tractor will assume some of the weight and steering tires then there the brakes 23000lbs lining or the cheap stuff that doesn't wear out brake drums .They will always find weak link . In Conn.if you don't have chassis decal classification for your lift axle they will not recognize it and give you a ticket for 10 wheeler between 5000.00 to 7000.00 dollar fine .


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