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Trucks we didnt buy


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As a friend of mine, who owns somewhere north of 20 rigs, says "You can't save 'em all."

But oh how I wish I had room for about 10 more rigs, a wife that doesn't know she could divorce me, and the money to bring all the neat rigs I see for sale home.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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A few things about the "after".

-It's still a truck.

-Iit's still working.

-Iit's been "re-purposed" which is typical of trucks

-It is still being enjoyed by the owner as well as others.

You probably would like it a lot less if it had been cut for scrap. ;)

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If it was cheap enough I would still buy it. The little lady really wants a wood fired pizza oven and I don't want to build one. What better way to get one than buy a fire truck with one on? I have a long list of things I wish I had bought. One CF had a welder mounted on it in place of a pump. Another was cut up. I saw a 1953 GMC that I could have bought for $800 at Macungie without the fire body for sale for $1500 or so. Can't buy them all.

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