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no fuel when stepping on throttle 1998

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I can't seem to figure this out. I have no responce when I hit the throttle.

I'm wondering whats the best method to fix this problem the "TPS" came up when I got dyinostics checked. But Im wondering if I can check the voltage and what it should be. Anyone have the same problem or think what I could do to fix this would help alot

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Your TPS sensor is a potentiometer. It works off of 5 volts coming into the sensor. anything less then .25 of a volt it gets a low voltage code. anything more then 4.75 volts is a high voltage code. No voltage heading back to ECM from TPS for 5-7 seconds is a code for no signal from TPS or signal drop out. should have 3 wires, (5 volt feed--signal back to ECM--ground) Find out what the code is for and use this as a map to figure it out. if its a 5 wire TPS it doesn't use 2 of the wires unless it is Cummins powered.

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sorry guys I don't have a new enough truck, but you can test most potentiometers with a multi meter on the ohms setting with the pedal unplugged . using the ground and the signal termanals in the throttle side of the plug,connect the meter then slowly depress the pedal and you should see a value count up or down depending on arrangement of the switch if you see gaps in the counting [dead spots] replace the switch.

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