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Mud Flaps

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I was working on my 64 B755, doing some frame clean up. I screwed up and pulled one of the spring loaded rear mudflaps. Used to worked on engines, not the chassis stuff or I would have known better. Is there a way to reinstall these? Big spring with a lot of tension. When I removed them I removed the bracket fron the frame. Luckily didn't do any damage when it released. Stopped there so at least I have one side still on.

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Take the bracket off the frame that will allow you to reinstall the spring. You will need to put the studs thru a piece of metal and put some nuts on as far as you can then pull the hanger out and slip something between the bracket and hanger( I use a long 1/4" bolt. Then reinstall on the truck after your bracket is snugged up pull up on the hanger till you can remove the bolt and release.

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