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Mack Freedom XXL Please help


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i have a 2002 mack freedom xxlwith renulat engine.

its a 24ft box truck with manual trans milage is 298,987 miles

this truck was sitting for around 2 years and it started right up some smoke came out but

i fugured it was normal for a truck that didnt move for 2 years and now

i am getting a lot of black smoke at acceleration. idles fine with no smeke when i

accelerate it gives off black smoke. i have chacked everything i can think off

injectors were pulled out tested all good. new fuel air oil filters everything was changed

turbo is new. i looked for boost leaks everything is good. the EGR is clean. it also has low power it and the only thing i can think of that i didnt change is the injector pump. if any one could help me out i would be really thankfull i know that this truck is not very popular and there are not many out there. is almost impossible to fund someone who knows about this engine, thank you

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Thank you very much for your help after going over everything again I still have the same issues and I managed to find a used injector pump. There are 2 pressure sensors located on the top of the pump. I was woundering if I should just swich the 2 sensors or vhange the entire I jector pump. The truck starts without any problems. And runs perfect at idle. When driving it has a slight misfire and with full throttle it still smokes black smoke a lot

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I would say change the two sensors first sence they are going to be easier to change the the pump and see if it makes any difference. If it does there ya go if not well you have to change the pump anyway. Are any lights on in the dash? Also you say it has low power, is this low power constant or just when your accelerating and the truck is black smoking? If so then your wastegate could be opening and releasing your boost psi. Now im assumeing your truck has a wastgated turbo im not real fermiliar with the renault stuff

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