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82 superliner steering slop

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hi all i am new to this site and really love it. i live in az. not many macks out here. i got a 82 mack superliner with the steering box mounted on the axle. the box has too much free play and there isnt any adjustments on the sheppard box.how do you adjust the free play?

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I've heard horror stories on these axle mounted boxes. Does the amount of free play get a lot less when the truck is running? When the truck is running is the wheel free play seem within spec?

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I'm still fairly new to mack, and have never heard of this setup. Do you have any pictures of it. Seems interesting, and I can't find anything online, as I think my googles broken lol

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Yeah the Superliner 1 and Cruise liners had axle mounted steering boxes, all I have seen from the setup is leaking lines and worn out boxes. I much prefer the frame mounted boxes on the Superliner 2 and MH chassis.

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