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R model steer axle lug nut sizes

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So i have an R model with aluminum steer wheels and i was using the 1 1/2 inch - 2 inch lug nut covers by roadmaster. The problem is that a lot of them do not fit. (too loose) In the past i have used electrical tape on the nut itself so that when i put on the cover its a tighter fit, I still managed to lose a few of them though. I just got my wheels professionally polished the other day and i want the nut covers to go on without being loose. Isn't 33mm about the same size so maybe i can try that? Can someone point me in the right direction? What do you all use? I am tempted to just order a pair of 33mm cause if you do the math 33mm converted to inches is about 1.3 and if 1.5 is too big then i don't see why not use that?

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In my experience any 1.5" lug nut cover is a pain to keep on, the plastic especially, I always add a dap of clear silicone to each side then slide it on and it stays put. The 33mm is for hub piloted wheels and will not fit over a stud piloted lug nut 1.5" equals around 38mm, as for the crew ons they work great but I have only ever seen them for hub piloted 33mm lugs.

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