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EN330 questions..


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tried to post on an old thread on this engine but it didn't take..so.......

I'm attempting to research out a '41 Mack Open Cab ex-mil fire truck ( although given to a municipality in '42 due to a war industry facility being in the town and the town having no new truck).

Engine tag says EN330-416D.. its a Type 45 Mack.. While looking for EN330 engine spec's in my Motors Truck Manual / First Edition which covers those years, I find no ref to EN330 engines..

My Mack Fire Truck book says type 45 Macks had Continental 290 or 330 CI engines.. There is a continental engine close to the 330 size, the M6290 38B @ 329.86 CI..

Any one know what I am looking at or should be looking for? Wrong tag on the engine or it was replaced.. or?

Doing this research for the group that has the truck..so I can supply them w/ all specs..pic's enclosed..taken today..

Thanks, Mike W


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Have you written to the Mack Museum to get the truck's specs? Send them the CN and they will supply an owner's manual, delivery pics (if available), and the build sheet.

They will include information on the engine and it's accessories.

Nice Type 45. Was it always chromed out or did someone add it after the fact? Most war trucks did not have any chrome.

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it was brought back from 20 years in a field after the city 'discarded' it when a new rig came along.. A group was formed to restore it ,with a private owner now having it..Maybe during the restore process they went chrome..

So the Continental engine would be the EN330 tag..? and displacement of 329+ CI is then correct..? Can anyone tell just by looking at the engine if its the correct one or not..

Mike W


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The motor looks pretty good to me. Period Continental in a Mack.

I am NOT a fire guy but it is interesting not to have dual ignition with two spark plugs per cylinder.

As Carl suggested, writing to the Mack Museum (include a donation) will get the build paperwork on your truck and lots of details. Nothing is better than information from the manufacturer! They should have the original motor number listed to match to the truck's serial number.

Maybe the original fire truck motor died and a "civilian" motor was put in as a replacement therefore single spark plugs?

Like I said, I am not a fire guy.



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Sometimes the dual ignition got discarded when the head was replaced. Is there a hole for a second distributor or magneto?

Don't get me wrong; I prefer the chrome look. That is what a fire truck is supposed to look like.

Money, sex, and fire; everybody thinks everyone else is getting more than they are!

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