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Pennsylvania Mack Fire Apparatus


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I'm the collector who owned that B85 breifly. If anyone wants a truck like it, I have one for sale and one not for sale. The MB from Pottstown was bought and donated to Pottstown Parks and Rec and is used to water trees. They tried to sell it to me, but I turned them down.

Here are two Pennsylvania Macks from my gallery, the first from Steelton and the second from Haririsburg:http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/gallery/album/1041-my-macks/. And here are two more. Both originally served Boyertown and were sold separately to Summit Station. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/gallery/image/10999-macungie-2012/. A 1951 405A and a 1947 LS85.


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I was told they were going to make a wrecker out of it and lost interest. It sat in a garage along a stone wall for a long time rusting. I had bought a B85 for parts and when I changed the title I asked the garage foreman who signed the title if they had any other macks around. He told me about that one. The chief had forgotten about it. The chief took me to see it and when we entered the garage he pointed to a Hamerly and told me I should buy that too so I did. The guys who are restoring it found out I bought the Mack and tried to buy it. I don't remember how, but they made me made and I didn't call them back for a while. When I did they had bought the ladder out of the junk yard and had bought the Lowell tractor that I am trying to sell. I traded them my tractor for their tractor. They got the better truck because it was more complete, less rusty and had a title, but I knew they were going to work on it. I haven't done anything with the Lowell tractor.

I will have the AC and something else at Cherry Hill, but have not decided what. Mike

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