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Ok folks just talked to Vlad......

He will arrive in the Allentown Pa. area sometime early thurs evening, around 5:00 "ish." I will be picking him up at the Hellertown Pa. Park and Ride/Bus Stop. I hope to be waiting for him so that he does not get stranded in the rain. I will run him to his hotel in Allentown, and let him chill out for a while.

I anticipate meeting at the TK about 7:30 "ish" on Thursday. If anyone is interested, come on out to the Tilted Kilt/Allentown located on Lehigh Street at I-78 (same exit at the Mack Museum/Customer Service Center, except go in the opposite direction, it's not even 1/4 mile from 78 on the left hand side.....)


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7:30!!! Heck I am ready for bed. I need all the beauty sleep I can get. On second thought, what the hay....I am too far gone now for help!

Is anyone staying at the Hawthorne Suites in Fogelsville or a hotel near that is planning to attend the TK outing? I need a ride. Carl (fxfymn) is not coming until Friday.


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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I believe a good time was had by all! I got word today that the New Jersey boys became rather fond of the place and are looking forward to another visit.

How about Friday, October 25, 2013? The night before Mack Trucktoberfest 2013!

I liked are last visit ill be there
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