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1987 Superliner 12 spd, No Reverse, Help Please.

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Hello, My work truck lost reverse at the end of the day, air is leaking from the top of the transmission, under the air valve at the rear of the trans. I cant tell for sure, but it feels like a threaded pipe plug has broke and is leaking the air. I still have lo/hi range for driving but when I try reverse, It starts to lightly grind and hissing air. I put my finger between the air body and the housing and I pretty sure its coming out from the top of the trans. feels like half the plug broke off. Can anyone confirm if that is a plug or something more serious. Our other tractor is in the shop for king pins as well so we're down both trucks now. Need help asap so we can keep going Monday. Thanks

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I think that is a vent that is leaking. If so that means air is leaking inside from the shaft cyl. So as already been told pull your sift cover and replace the o/rings.Simple on a Superliner or R700.One thing that makes it easy is drop the drive line and lift the rear of the cab some.I have did them by raisingthe cab about 4 inches.

glenn akers

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12 sp. in a superliner is not hard to pull the top cover because the cab sits higher. There is a vent in the one cylinder, air could leak out if the O-rings are bad. Not a hard job, just make sure you mark all the lines for easy installation.

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