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1970 N358T Brockway For Sale


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Tony Masone, a good friend of the folks over on the Brockway message board, passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Tony just finished restoring a 358 Brockway in Florida and his wife Terry is asking for some help selling the truck. So I am trying to help out by posting information on the truck. Tony did a great job documenting his restoration on the Brockway message board and I have included the link below.

So here is the info....

The truck is a 1970 N358T-22-70959 and has a 220 Cummins with a 5 speed trans and a 2 speed rear. Tony bought the truck in August of 2010 from Brian Mann (I believe from NJ) and here is what he started with...


Here is a link to the thread when Tony bought the truck...

Tony had the truck shipped to Florida and shortly after getting the truck he tore right into the truck and started his restoration. Here is a link to his restoration thread...

Besides just body and paint, Tony also added Sheppard power steering which was donated from another Brockway, a short sleeper and a flatbead. I believe his original intention was to drive it from Florida to Cortland for the annual Brockway show. He did not tie the sleeper into the cab, so it can easily be removed if desired.

Here is a video of him taking it for a ride...

And here are some 'finished' pics...




Tony was originally asking $12,500 for the truck but Terry is now asking $10,000. Tony's son, Tony Jr. will be the point of contact. His number is 321-693-8669 and his email is tmasone@gmail.com.

I will also help out however possible with questions, etc...
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