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Bought another diesel last night


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OK, so its not a truck but I had to post this thing anyway. Its a 1954 Mercedes 180d - good parts car. I picked it up last night. It was odd enough, I had to rescue it.



I thought it would be cool to put the motor in a riding mower - lol.

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Unimogs kick ass! Sweet looking rig.

Dig Dug, I had one of those too a couple years ago. 1983 with 78k miles and NO RUST! The guys in the shop next to me were about to junk it. I grabbed it before it went to the scrap yard. It sat behind their shop for 5 years. It drove when it came in, someone gave it to the guys father. The battery went dead and they just forgot about it. I couldn't believe they were going to junk this thing. This is what it looked like after I cleaned it up, serviced it and got it road worthy:







This is my mission in life, to save stuff. Like the General, this 54 Mercedes, etc... I buy stuff and make sure they wind up in the right hands.

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So, uhhhh...who's that feeding the chickens? Is that your mom? Nice looking chickens she has.

She's a honey!

She said that she used to live in Winfall with her sister.

Very interesting I thought....

Sorry for the photo chop but the scanner isn't too big.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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I was a little scared when she said her name was Darryl and her sisters in Winfall were Larry and Darryl.

She had a pretty face and boobage so I let it go. Just a quirky down south kind of thing I quessed.

The names of the chicken were Banquet, Tyson and Weaver.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Holy Crap! I like the '54 but thank heavens you were there to save the '83. What the hell were they thinking?!

I think this must be her and her sister and her other sister, back when they attended Winfall High.


Makes ya wonder how many dry cleaners have had to get chicken-shit stains out of not one but THREE prom dresses at the same time.


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