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Looking for pics or parts pages for my 1980 R model

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Just doing some TLC today and I think I am missing parts on the clutch linkage as it has a spring and a bungy cord hooked to it and the throttle cable for fast idle is zip tied to the rod and the spring is hooked to a oil line.

One of the previous owners must of had some good rigging skills as it was not obvously noticable and I drove over 140 miles without issue and by looking at some of the other fixes who ever it was could fix just about anything with bungy cords

I ordered my service manuals today so they should be here by the end of the week


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mine is a little different set up than that one, my clutch cable goes through the upper fire wall down to clutch release lever


This is what mine looks like, I think there is enough to see what part I am missing


I scanned a bunch of online auction site pictures and came up with the peice for the throttle control and made one, the spring hooked to a little bracket on the compressor, when I started looking I found it, the hole that hold the spring was broken so I took it off and made one.


"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


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