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The 711 had its fate sealed today

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Well I started my truck up today and as i waited about a min and a half for oil pressure to show on the gauge I thought this cant be good, then the pressure shot up to 80, not too bad i guess then about 2 more minutes go by then a little man with a big hammer showed up inside the engine and started banging away lol . The gauge still showed about 80 psi after this came about. The end of last year when i found oil in the antifreeze I didnt run it until last week. I changed the oil cooler,filter and oil but i guess the damage must have already been done. I suspect that my truck was beaten hard before it was retired by whom ever had it last so it might have been on its way out anyway, now its time to try and find a 250 or a 237 and send the 711 to the big yard in the sky.


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sorry to hear that. a 237 will be fine with a quadbox as long as you have a fresh clutch and pressure plate and dont hotrod it. dont junk the old bullitt yet. i may need some parts haha

Dont worry Matt no junking will happen until I move in my new place and get shop set up, dont worry you have dibbs on the turbo setup.

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