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Obscene Phone Call Tonight


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Toms good people! we have met at the ATHS show in Colfax,NC a few times,never really had the chance to sit and talk much though,one of the few people here on BMT i have actually met in person,hope to change some of that up at Macungie this year!................Mark

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I was sitting in front of my compuker when the phone rang. I picked up the receiver and said hello. All I heard on the other end was heavy breathing and the sound of giggling wimmin. At last, the obscene phone call I have been waiting on for years but it soon came to an end. On the other end was the infamous OTHER DOG!

It was a surprise to get your call and I really enjoyed talking with you. We didn't solve any world problems but we talked trucks and BMT. Too bad you were not in the "neighborhood" so we could meet and have a cup of java. Maybe next time your passing thru the "curve" we can meet.

Thanks again for the phone call Tom! Hope your travels were safe.

I enjoyed the conversation myself. I was heading to Carter Lumber in Strattanville. I got past the scales on 80 and pulled in a little fuel stop with a dirt parking lot at the next exit past the scales and went to bed. Had to go to McKees Rocks to load the next morning, so I went back down 79.

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