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air assisted clutch system


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HELLO???? This is a Mack forum bleeding the air from the cable is a little tough! that assist is constant feed .

ARE you driving a volvo or a mack?On A volvo hydralic Clutch you sumtimes have to stand the slave cyl upon its end to bleed em!

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What are you working on? Details would be helpful.

If this is a Dynamax system found on a Mack F model cabover, depressing the clutch pedal slowly several times to activate the clutch reservoir chamber and expel any air that may be trapped in the chamber should handle it.

The Dynamax air activated/push type wet clutch could also be found on R, U or DM as an option instead of a clutch cable.



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Mack Mid-Liners (CS and MS) used Hydralic clutches aswell. The best way to bleed those is with a pressure bleeder.

In the case of a CS or MS 250 and 300 series truck (200 series was not offered with an air assist) they have an air assisted hydralicly controled slave clutch cylinder mounted to the transmission bell housing.

If you have oil in the air system at or in the slave cylinder (just in case you may be refering to that kind of an issue) you will need a new clutchslave cylinder assembly.

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