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E6 350 4v


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1988 RD688S E6 350 4V

Truck was running great until recently started losing power up the same hill...used to pull it in 4th, now have to pull in 3rd. Same weights same variables. Air filter clean, new fuel filters, no leaks in air to air. Pulled the ends off the turbo, a little play back and forth, kind of hard to spin by hand..but no roughness felt.

Since this is a hill issue, is there an aneroid valve in the pump? Should the tubine be easier to spin by hand? I dont have a boost gauge...so yes i need to get one..just trying to rule out the obvious first.

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Im not a truck mechanic (just a driver),but i have spun alot of wrenches on cars, and in my experience turbos should spin really easy. not saying that is the problem, but i dont think its a good thing.

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Will have to look for the 'gas pedal' in the truck...lol. I hear ya.. Seriously I had that happen in a 425 cat that we changed fuel filters, air filters, and eventually injector o-rings and fuel lines...finally we decided to look at the linkage and found that there was a rock underneath the 'gas pedal' that was buried in the carpet way under the 'gas pedal'... not the case in this old mack...but will look at the linkage and full travel before buying or shopping for a turbo...

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