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cab tilt mechanism on 76 Fseries ?


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Hi folks.

Iv'e just bought a 1976 F series, the first thing I thought I'd do was to check out any machanical issues under the cab but I'm having trouble with the tilt mecanism, unless I'm doing something wrong there's a problem with the locks not letting go, as I stand on the right side of the truck looking at the jacking pump the valve lever swings horisontaly from left to right, if I'm operating the pump correctly? I move the lever all the way to the right then start pumping and this should open the locks and lift the cab ?, but when i operate the pump the locks aren't opening to allow the cab to lift, the cab is obviously trying to lift and can be heard pulling against the air bags, I then move the lever over to the left and the cab drops back down.

Am I missing something out here in the tilting procedure and need to be doing something else to release the locks first before trying to jack up the cab, or does it look to you like there's a fault here ??.

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