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A Titan: From New to Used to Like New

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Some of you in the PA/NY area may remember Coventry Transport's Titan. Here are three photos of it, the first when it was brand new, the second once it was traded in this past August, and the last after the dealer cleaned it up for it's new owner in September. Unfortunatly, I don't know who bought it.




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Yea I saw it in the shop alot down at Binghamton Mack Dealer and when they had it on the lot as a used truck they had it for sale for $89,000. about one month ago. I think the reason they traded it back in is becuase they couldnt find or fix the problem with the Titan and that is why it was in the shop alot or its a lemon of a Titan and why such a cheap price for the used Titan is they just want to get rid of it to put there problems on another person. I like to see how the new onwer makes out with it. New it sold for $145,000 plus and 3 yrs later selling it for $89,000. Something is wrong with that pict.

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