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Low Side Wall End Dump Trailer


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I have never pulled an end dump trailer with low side walls. Besides not able to haul quite as much without side boards is there any other disadvatages to them. Concrete comes to mind as it has a low tailgate as well??

Reason I ask is im looking to buy a trailer and found this one for cheep. The price is right and I dont haul much concrete.


Hilbilt Excavator


air tailgate.

newer floor.

needs paint and brakes.

new hoist and hose.

tires 60%





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While you've got the torch & welder out just fabricate the necessary hardware to make it a combination tailgate.

Then you can either use the tailgate normally (hinged at top), or by changing a couple pins around you can use it as a swing tailgate (hinged at side) for dumping large material without jam ups.

"If You Can't Shift It Smoothly, You Shouldn't Be Driving It"

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We had a 24' Palmer Dumptrailer w/ lowsides but we done some modifying to it after we had bought it (used) like Herb's talking about on the tail gate & made it into a 2 way tailgate for the concrete, broken ashpalt , brush &stumps & demolition to come out easier . & also bought some channel iron & made sideboards for when the trailer was hauling sand, gravel,dirt & mulch

as we done alot of land clearing & clearing for right of ways & demolition work as dirt work .

a 2way tailgate is as handy as pocket on shirt ;) & i anit gotta tell yall it anit no fun having a load hung up in a trailer while its up in the air :blink:

We had a couple of customers who had Skidsteers who done concrete work..

& alot of times if they had the room & lot of material to move id take a tractor & dumptrailer to thier jobsites over a Stright TriAxle dump & keep the triaxles hauling Gravel , Sand & Dirt & mulch .

its not a bad looking trailer in the pics what length is it Trent ? 22 or 24 feet? or a little longer ?

Later yall


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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thanks for the tips. after more thinking last week I decided to buy it today

The trailer is 22' long with a 4 stage hoist. the guy who owned it used it for concrete and said he never had an issue with it gtting stuck. at one time he had side boards and said it would haul a normal load with no problems.

That was my only concern as I dont want to get a load of stone and only put 2/3 a load on.

The tires are real good but the brakes are real bad so I had to back them way off to get it home. The tail lights need some work as its a rats nest of wires back there. Hopefully in the next month I can get it up to good working order and go haul some dirt.

The trailer was located near the White Sox ball park in south Chicago have no clue about the postal trailers?


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