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New Shoes II

other dog

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I got these 2 new used tires from David yesterday. Coulda put them on yesterday afternoon, but i'm on vacation- don't want to over exert myself in one day.

So, I went and put them on this morning, after a stop by NAPA to get new lug nuts. You can see my reflection in the fender, I'm wearing a yellow T-shirt, holding a camera. That diet i'm on is working great, eh?

Still a pretty good looking unit, but sitting out in the weather is really taking a toll on the paint.

I got them on pretty true and straight, but only tightened the lug nuts with a half inch drive ratchet, i'll take it down to the shop one day and jack it up on the level floor and recheck and retighten them.

I also took this neat picture yesterday, but I took it without permission or authorization, so we'll just kind of keep quiet about it, ok?

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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Hey Ace - Do you remember when you were growing those fine toe-maters earlier this year and we told you about those new things called lawn sprinklers?

Well, guess what? That same go-get-it place also sells these new fancy things some folks call tarps. You can use them to cover up your Mack to protect the paint or you can use them to cover your bod while taking photos - your choice.

Do you mean to tell me that you met up with David in N.C. and all you took was one lousy picture?

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Well, gee- sorry Olive. I have heard of them there "tarp" things. I've even used them before, but never thought to cover that cement mixer truck with one!

...and no, I took a few more pictures before David got there- again, without permission or authorization, so I was skeert to post them.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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Yeah Tom, This texas sun is baking the crap out of Killer. I wish i had sumpin to park him under. I would put a tarp over him, but then how in hell could I see to drive, and it would prolly blow off at warp speed of 58.21765 MPH. That dern Olive can come up with some really hair brained ideas. He must be suffering from heat stroke, or injesting too much lead based paint chips, or, or, or, running round nekkid, a parasite crawled up his rectum. randyp

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