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Is Mack good or bad for Volvo

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A little reversal on the popular thread Is Volvo good or bad for mack trucks. I say Mack is definately good for Volvo. Latest May North American sales. Volvo 2201 for May - Mack 2426 for May. If this keeps up Mack might be an attractive division to sell. Volvo is a huge company and very diversified.

I don't see why they need to keep Mack as it probably doesn't add much to their bottom line looking at the big picture. They already had the distribution network of White/Autocar/GMC etc. I say let Mack go. John Deere might be a good match. :SMOKIE-RT:

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HI !

Mack good for Volvo = of course , there is no Volvo vocational as strong as Mack can produce !

the danger is that if you Volvorize too much Mack they will become less sturdy truck . I think they both need each other

and they should stay in there own niche of product , they can share a lot of technology for sure.

Makniac , collector and customizer of die-cast model in 1/50th scale

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MACK has being doing good here in Puerto Rico.

Glad that the many MACK trucks sold here had the golden BULLDOG, wich means an all MACK powertrain

First TITAN came and has been stealing the spot at every site it goes.

MACK is gaining customers for its impressive fuel economy.

Mack is good for Volvo because Mack trucks are selling very well.

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and now that NAVISTAR accepted that their ADVANCED EGR tecnologt failed and their will go "ICT+" (advanced egr + scr ) MACK a a SCR player is vindicated and validated. Hope the customers NAVISTAR is loosing look up to MACK

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I just spent three days in Puerto Rico and seen ALOT of great old Macks, new Macks, some Kenworths, but no Volvos that I recall. Drivers seem to take great pride in their trucks down there. People were very friendly and helpful and I enjoyed my time there. Just one complaint, using your turn signal in Puerto Rico seems to be a sign of weekness to your fellow motorists and all but guarantees NOBODY will let you in!!!

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