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E7-427 Vmac II - Black Smoke


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hi all

Have a E7-427 Vmac II. When I start it cold, white smoke exits the exhaust. I guess, it shoots out remaining fuel which remains in one or more cylinders.

I check the pump and the nozzels. Everything is ok. Running warm, it smoke black, not excecive, but rather constantly. The Mpga is down a lot

recently. Changed filters, got rid of the whater tramp. It is still bad. The ECM doesnt show a failure.

Thanks for your input.


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White smoke is normal on start up on the VMAC 1's and 2's as the timing advance is powered by oil pressure and of course when you first start engine it takes alittle while to get the timing advance moving. On the black smoke, everything on the turbo boost side. After cooler, intake manifold gaskets, dirty air filter. Black smoke is unburnt fuel, Either from to much fuel or lack of air/boost.

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I would say 20 is a little to low at full load. I had a simmalr problem with a mechanical engine. 16 psi Max under load.was smoking all the time. I Found that My turbo housing was melting away and the exhaust was bypassing the blades of the impeller. I put a new/used turbo on and she now puts down 27PSI. and only smokes if there is no boost. I say search for an boost issue or a leak in the intake system.

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I checked the cooler. It had 4 cracks. So I went for a repair. Now, the cooler is fin but the pressure gauge still not passes 20.

I guess next step should be the turbo. Thats a problem, over here in the Dominican Republic there are a lot of guys

which sell used parts. How can I be sure if the "new" one works better as they dont give any guarantees. Isnt it better to

repair the old one? How can I check it first, maybe its doing fine and another problem is causing low intake pressure.

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