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anyone know what happend to this u model?

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i was bored and went on google images and typed in "mack truck salvage yard". i went down the page and what do i see?.... a beautiful u model. so i clicked on it and it brought me here to BMT. the guy is wondering if he should get the u model or a transam. he said if he didnt buy it it was goona be crushed... WTF. does anyone know if he got the truck or if someone else saved it???? heres a picture of the u model and the link to the topic.



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Vinny If you want to see some pictures of U-models still working go to hank's truck pictures and look up David Fraust pictures.

Then look up NEMF New England Motor Freight. They still have several U models and R models still in operation. I just saw a twin screw R model in Ct about a month ago. :twothumbsup:

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