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Detergent or non Detergent oil? HELP


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I recently bought a 1926 Mack AC,I want to change the oil in the 4 cyl gas engine.The engine is not filtered.The question is do I use a non detergent oil or do I use a detergent oil?A few guys tell me a detergent oil in a old engine will cause problems,and some say go with the non detergent oil thats what was use back than.Also should I go with a multigrad oil or a 30weight?

Thanks AL

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I have used both in 1920's engines. The "detergent" in the oil is not for cleaning but for keeping byproducts of combustion in suspension for removal by a filter. If there is no filter, I use non- detergent.

You will get sludge in the engine with the non- detergent oil unless the engine is run until the oil is hot and kept hot for a while.

The rule that our grand parents used on oil was: CBS (Cheap, Black and Slippery)!

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