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  1. looking for a circuit board #1508207 for a F7 volvo
  2. looking for step plates and tool box for my 1927 AC
  3. vin is U685ST8529 I will need a box and pump I am going to check to see if compressor will take a drive coupling otherwise I will need a belt driven pump
  4. I am looking for a source of parts to replace an air assist power steering system on my 1974 Mack
  5. I'm working on a 1926 also I was wondering if you have taken the front wheels off I am trying to figure out if there is any kind of grease seal in there
  6. I pulled a wheel off today and I don't see any indication that there was ever any seal in there maybe someone out there has some experience with this
  7. someone told me that you can use B model sealing material to replace front wheel seals on an AC is this true and if so where can I purchase the material?
  8. does anyone know of a supplier of window gaskets and rubber motor mounts for a 1949 EQ?
  9. Bob it is a 431 engine I am taking out not sure what my friend wants to do with the old engine
  10. I wanted to take it transmission and all but that sounds like it should work
  11. looking for the easiest method to remove a 1949 EQ engine front cross member won't move far enough foward without hitting rivets in frame
  12. I checked it out and it is a 431 we found another engine which will work with some modifications to the exhaust the old air compressor is not working any ideas where I can find one?
  13. where do I find the engine model #? I don't see a plate with the model #
  14. looking for someone to rebuild an EQ air compressor
  15. Rob I finally scraped off enough grime to find the transmission is a single stick TR 311 I don't know where to find the info on the engine model
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