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Newbie wants Mack to haul hay.

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Sorry if this seems stupid, but I don't know much about any of this.

I have a small farm, and need to haul hay from the supplier's barn to my place. I always wanted to own a Mack B series, and thought it might be cool to put a flatbed on one (about the size of a 26 foot box truck) for this kind of service.

Since I don't have the shop to restore one, I thought it might be better to find something newer that has some life, would be reliable, and would do this kind of work. I've never driven a truck before.

1. Any advice on what models I should consider? How old or how many miles would still have a lot of life in her?

2. Do you need a CDL to drive one of these if you're not using it for business?

Does this make sense, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Would it be bad to have one sitting around for most of the time, only being driven once a quarter?



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You'd most likely want a diesel,as the gas engines are hard to find parts for,and more likely to cause problems if not ran much.Most popular would be the B-61.Miles and age don't mean much on the old 673 engines,it's how they were maintained that counts. Depending on your state regs,you probably wouldn't need a CDL,farmers here in Iowa don't need one for their own truck hauling their own crops.

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