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Uh-Oh I done did it again!


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I brought home a Brockway 761 yesterday! A nice solid truck, motor is a Cummins 250 that needs work, but the seller had a 350 with a Jake Brake that he threw in the deal (he says it runs good) extra fenders and another front grill, he gave me a lot of parts with the deal, the truck also has a Spicer 5X4 airmatic like my 361!..... Well I came home tonight and I did not find my clothes and suitcases on the front lawn & I fed the dog's part of my dinner 1 hour before I dug in! So far the dogs are still alive so I think I'm safe!..... Pictures to follow, I did not want to send my phone pics cause they did not come out to good so I will take real ones on Monday..... Also I've been working on the RL700, getting the drive train in order, but I have been overwhelmed with other (real work) shit!! So I find myself falling behind!! SOOOO I've been thingin,,,,, should I send the RL out to get the cab and interior done?? And do any of you guys recommend anyone?? Or am I just panicing, unloading the 762 yesterday and seeing all the other trucks just put me over the edge!! HELP!!!!


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Yup! send one of them Brocks down here Ernie! me and David will get right to work on it! (promise) take it easy,as Rob said just dont get overwhelmed,supposed to be fun right? cant wait to see some pictures of this and the R-model,have you done anything with the blue Brockway at all? ex navy? i like that one! i dont EVER see a Brockway around here,even at the truck shows,i'm sure some of them made it south,just dont know where they are. I always liked the 361-360 series best with the white/autocar style cab on them best,coulda bought one years ago cheap,still kickin myself in the ass for that!.................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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