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Mack is back!

Mack Doctor Jr.

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Ok everyone. Other than the engine you CAN still get an all MACK drive train...including air ride, front axle , drivers, tranny, ect. I think Dana manufactures the drivers for MACK but the design is all MACK. Please take the time to check out www.macktrucks.com and all their sites. They have sites for Titan Granite and the CH.



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Well what I ment by this was.  From present to about 5 yrs ago a base mack was Eaton rears or trans. So if u wanted Mack drive train it was an ordered option.  

Well now the Mack drive train is in on the basic trucks and u have have to request for any different drive train brands if u want.

Now all they need to do is bring back the E9... LOL

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