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53' LT For Sale, $95,000 OBO

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Looks like the other LT thats been on ebay a while now. With the way the economy is id say at 95k it will be for sale a long while more.

I learned with my truck's I put money into them that I dont expect to get back.My wife doesnt like that too much. I enjoy working and learning about my trucks , then showing them off at times.

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This truck was originally listed on the ATHS Back Lot for sale section for $50K about 4 years ago-just a guess but I remember it clearly-it would appear that no changes have been made to the truck. Just a guess of course.


WOW! It only went up $45,000 in four years. Someone better buy it before it hits $125,000 when Obama finishes his second term. While he is in office, everything just goes up and up, including the fuel tax.

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